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A Service for Children with Dyslexia
A Specific Learning Disability

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Children's Dyslexia Centers, Inc.
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About Dyslexia

Dyslexia is an under-reported disability—an inheritable neurological condition that affects language acquisition, processing and decoding. According to recent research, up to 20% of the U.S. population has learning disorders, and 80% of these people have varying degrees of reading disorders that qualify as dyslexia. Dyslexia is a disability in written language, not in intelligence, and affects girls and boys equally. It is a lifelong condition, but it can be managed successfully. More importantly, with early detection and treatment, children with dyslexia can learn and succeed academically.

Children with dyslexia are typically highly creative and intuitive, and are excellent hands-on learners. Some of the world's most famous artists, innovators and leaders were and are dyslexic, including Leonardo daVinci, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Agatha Christie, William Hewlitt, Winston Churchill, Tom Cruise, Cher, Jay Leno, and Charles Schwab.

When a child struggles with reading, writing, spelling, and sometimes even speaking, it is possible that the problem is due to dyslexia. The common signs listed below do not necessarily mean that a child displaying them has this learning disability. However, if a child continues to display difficulty over time in the areas listed below, testing for dyslexia should be considered:

Understanding that words are made up of sounds

Assigning correct sounds to letters

Correct pronunciation of sounds and words

Spelling and proofreading

Difficulty getting ideas on paper

Learning basic sequential information (alphabet, numbers)

Learning numbers, facts

Reading with age-appropriate speed accuracy  and comprehension

Answering open-ended question  (math or word  problems)

Organizing thoughts, time, or a sequence of tasks

Difficulty with handwriting and copying tasks

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Dyslexia is a neurologically-based, often inherited disorder, which interferes with the acquisition and processing of language. Varying in degree of severity, it is manifested by difficulties in phonological processing, receptive and expansive language skills, in reading, writing, spelling, handwriting and sometimes in arithmetic.

Since 2008, children have received specialized instruction at No Cost at the Danville Dyslexia Center enabling them to overcome the effects of dyslexia. Our Center provides highly qualified staff who are specially trained in the treatment of Dyslexia. After professional assessment and evaluation of the student's needs, our staff then provides customized one-on-one instruction using a variety of techniques. In addition, our Center provides No Cost training for teachers or volunteers who want to tutor children with Dyslexia.